Below are testimonials from some of our clients.  Their identity is not included for confidentialty and privacy purposes.

"Dear Sirs, I wanted to thank you again for the highly informative conversation I had with, I believe, Mr Suhr this morning. You had absolutely no obligation to educate me regarding DUI and refusal law and precedent and yet you politely and eloquently answered all my questions and left me with a much improved understanding of the situation I presently find myself in. With that small act of kindness, which was unnecessary and uncommonly charitable on your part, you have earned my trust and respect. These are not attributes I endow lightly. It is rare to find people willing to take time out of their busyschedules to help someone else without an alterior motive and the quality of your explanation was superb. Your helpfulness spoke highly of the caliber of your character and that of your firm.Thank you so much. I really appreciate your assistance."


"I am pleased with the outcome of my trial, and I felt well represented by Jackson. Being from out of state, I am not as familiar with ND state laws. Jackson was thorough and patient, answering all of my questions before and during trial. It was evident that he was well researched and prepared for trial. He met with me at 8PM when I flew in the night before my trial, giving me as much time as I needed to feel prepared. He genuinely cares about his clients, and I can't thank him enough for representing me."


"Working with Lloyd really calmed my nerves about the situation I was in.  He definitely handles matters in a no nonsense kind of way and was aggressive and to the point with every step of the process all the way to the end.  Also, the woman who answers the phone at the office of Suhr and Lofgren is a very nice lady:) I felt important and cared for. Thanks Lloyd!" "Best lawyer there is.


"Lloyd is professional . . . and your case isn't just another case.  He is dedicated to the case from start to finish.  I would recommend Lloyd to anyone who wishes to be represented.  Not only is he a true professional, but he has experience to back it up.  He is honest and will give you real insight from the years of experience he has.  He is thorough on all aspects of a case.  No stone is left unturned."


"I am very happy how my case turned out.  I thought I was well represented by Lloyd.  He was very professional and told me the facts of the case.  I would have Lloyd represent me in the future if anything may come up.  Very pleased with his services."


"Jackson represented us. He was professional, always available, and very helpful.  We highly recommend him!  We won!  Excellent attorney!  Highly recommended!"  


"I hired Lloyd in March of 2015 on a case. During the time he represented me, Lloyd did much more than just represent me.  He helped me get by life back.  In a time that it seemed impossible.  I hired him on 2 cases which turned into much more.  He somehow found time to take on all the things that came at me.  Many times I thought he was going to tell me enough, I can't take on anymore.  It was the exact opposite.  He took on everything and helped me take on one thing at a time.  Everytime I called, if he didn't answer he returned my call shortly after, even on weekends and after hours.  He got me on the right path and helped me every step of the way.  Lloyd was always honest and more than fair.  He studied my cases and took what I thought was going to be a very long time in prison, and changed it into me getting help for my problems, owning up to what I had done and me being able to go home to my family sober with my life back!  I can't say enough about Lloyd and his firm for what they did for me.  I can truly say he changed my life, and got me through the worst time of my life!" 


"I would highly recommend Lloyd to anyone looking for legal counsel.  He was kind, knowledgeable and did not give up on getting the best outcome for my case.  He speaks to you like a real person, in words anyone can understand.  Always quick to respond to questions."


"Let me tell ya, Lloyd knows how to frame a jury pool early... He not only explained to them what they wiill be seeing in terms of evidence but also getting them to agree (in either nodding their head or raising their hand) to being pulled over for the same reason I was, only to remind them 7 hours later in the closing argument of what they saw for evidence and all agreed to in the beginning...It was powerful and left the jury with little doubt but to come back with a NOT guilty verdict."


"I was falsely accused of gross sexual imposition.  I hired Lloyd on as my attorney, and he was fantastic.  He kept very good contact with us at all times with everything that was happending with the case, did much research on the topic, and presented all of our evidence in court in a professional and detailed manner.  I would hire Lloyd back in a hearbeat if it ever came down to it.  He really knows what he's doing."   


"The greatest law firm in North Dakota!"


"Great attorneys. They will take great care of your case no matter how big of an issue you have! Would recommend to anyone!  Thanks again!" 


"Easy to work with.  Successfully resolved the case."


"Understanding and willing to listen."


"When we hired Lloyd he was very understanding of our situation.  Lloyd was very easy to get in contact with when we needed to discuss things with him.  He was very knowledgeable in the process we would be going through and he gave sound advice that would give our family the best possible outcome.  Everyone in his office was very kind and professional.  I believe he did an amazing job and his fees were very reasonable!  I would definitely hire him again if the need should arise as well as refer him to anyone I know needing his services!  Thank you!"


"Works hard for his clients and cares about them. He was down to earth.  I felt like he was on top of everything. If I would ever need a lawyer again he would be my only choice."


"I was falsely accused of a serious matter.  I'd thought it was so unbelievable that I would never be charged.  A short time afer the accusations, I started searching for legal help in case I needed it.  The office staff treated me with compassion and respect.  When charges did come about months later, Lloyd was ready to go to work for us.  I knew without a doubt that he believed in my innocence and that h'd do his best for us.   After my accuser was caught in wrongdoing, Lloyd took depositions that brought the truth to light and caused the prosecution to file to dismiss charges.  The judge has signed the papers and the legal issues are over.  We can't go back and take away the accusations but things could have ended differently and I could be another innocent person paying a price for something I didn't do.  I'd hire Lloyd again in a heartbeat, he's busy at times but always took time to be very well prepared and to make things as easy for me as possible. I'm grateful to him and the staff for their encouragement, for their hard work in getting best justice possible in this case."  


"I had a very favorable experience with Jackson as my lawyer.  I found Jackson to be extremely prepared, empathetic to my situation, and straight forward.  On the initial consultation, it was clear that Jackson had reviewed my case and given thought to his approach to defend me.  That was not the case with the other two lawyers I had met with regarding my issue.  None of the others had taken the time that Jackson took to come to the initial meeting prepared.  He represented me to the very best of his ability and ultimately the case was dismissed by the prosecution.  In my case there was also a civil action requiring other expertise.  Jackson assisted me to find good representation with the appropriate experience and supported me through that process as well.  All of the recommendations made by Jackson were honest and in my best interest.  I highly recommend Jackson and would hire him in the future if I needed a lawyer.  Hopefully I never need his services again." 


"Mr. Lofgren is a superb trial attorney.  I cannot imagine any better. I would personally recommend him to anyone without hesitation.  Thank you for your great representation!"


"Lloyd did an excellent job handling my case everyone in the office were superb and really cared I would highly recommend them."  


"Lloyd Suhr was fantastic.  Like many other cases on his desk, we were frantic to get resolution fast. he understands the law and the people and organizations who sought to irrationally apply the law againsst us rather than consider the circumstances.  His association with these people and organizations give him great insight how to best represent the case.  In our circumstances, immediate resolution was not possible but his experience allowed him to be patient, confident and comfort us while using the time to our benefit.  If we had to go trial, I'm confident that he knew the details more than sufficiently to properly represent our side in any condition.  Thank you doesn't rightly share our gratitude.  nevertheless, thank you Lloyd."